Plain Chocolate Truffles


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At Everything Raw, we know everyone should be able to indulge in flavours that they love. That’s why we created a plant-based version of chocolate truffles which are completely dairy free!

Indulge in these creamy plain chocolate truffles which give you a smooth chocolate taste that melt in your mouth attracting your taste buds! Plain truffles are coated using nutritious ingredients; Candid Coconut, a Crunchy Hazelnut topping, Tangy Fruits or Cinnamon – but hey, you can pick the coating!

Don’t worry – we’re not quite finished yet. Sink into the indulgence of our Creamy Caramel and Peanut, with a zing of Cinnamon, a Crunchy Hazelnut or Candid Coconut.  Taste the Mysterious Mint with Candid Coconut or the Oblivion Orange, coated in a Candid Coconut, or a Tangy Strawberry flavour.

Or stick to simple plain truffles – as creamy as it gets, with no distractions from various deep flavours.


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